IIIC Objectives   

To conduct Workshops, Seminar with joint participation of the faculty and the Industries.

To establish Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Institute and Industries to bring the two sides emotionally and stratagically closer.

Professional consultancy by the faculty to industries.

To Arrange visits of both faculty/students to industry for study and discussions or delivering lectures on subjects of mutual interest.

B.E. Projects work in industries under joint guidance of the faculty and experts from industry.

To provide Internship for students.

Industrial training and other inputs to teaching-learning process so as to develop awareness about the job functions in the industry among students.

MoU’s Signed with SIES   

IIIC Team   

  • Mr. Prasad Balan Iyer- HoD/ PPT
  • Ms. Sumitra Padmanaban – Asst. Prof/ H& AS
  • Dr. Pradip Patil- Associate Prof/ MECH
  • Mr. Sunil Punjabi- Asst. Prof/ CE
  • Mr. Shishir J- Asst. Prof/ EXTC
  • Ms. Stuti Ahuja– Asst. Prof/ IT
  • Mr. Vishal Gaikwad- Asst. Prof/ EXTC