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LIBRARY SIES Graduate School of Technology


The GST library aims to create and preserve an incessant source of knowledge for the students. It is a gateway to latest information and trends in the world and an information hub for the academic community. Spacious and comfortable, the library offers a congenial and dynamic environment for conducting academic work, study and research. It offers a fine collection of books, reference books and technical journals and magazines, all of which are arranged in a neat and organized, subject-wise manner for easy access and quick retrieval.

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  • More than 14500 and around 4000 titles
  • Automated Bar-Coding System
  • Dynamic CD Library
  • Pertinent website information made available to various international journals
  • Reprographic facilities
  • Computer-enabled digital library for acesss to various international journals
  • Computer-document service involving issues & returns
  • Multimedia facility