Student council 16-17
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The Student Council is formed at the beginning of each year, consisting of the active members of the institute. It forms a link between the institute administration and the students. The Council ensures holistic development of students by inculcating a sense of responsibility, good inter-personal and leadership skills. It compels them to think and express their thoughts with clarity and confidence.

"To be a centre of excellence in Education and Technology committed towards Socio-Economic advancement of the country"
1.      To impart advanced knowledge in Engineering and Technology.
2.      To transform young minds towards professional competence by inculcating values and developing skills.
3.      To promote research and ensure continuous value addition among students and employees
4.      To strengthen association with industry, research organizations and alumni to enhance knowledge on current technologies.
5.      To promote next generation technocracy and nurture entrepreneurial culture for social-economic growth.


Our Team

Nikhil Ambati
Tejas Kulkarni
Harish Balasubramanian
Technical Secretary
Technical Team
Mahima Agharwal
Cultural Secretary
Cultural Team
Riona Almedia
Literary Secretary
Literary Team
Samar Sayed
Sports Secretary (Boys)
Varsha Venkatachalam
Sports Secretary(Girls)
Sports Team
Tanmay Kale
Alumni Representative
Aviral Ojha
Institute Social Responsibility Representative
Amogh G
NSS Representative
Ankita D
Ladies Representative

HOD Nominee(M.E.)
Abhirup Dasgupta
HOD Nominee(E.X.T.C.)
HOD Nominee(C.E.)
Kausthub Modhave
HOD Nominee(I.T.)
HOD Nominee(P.P.T.)

Harshita Shetty
Shraddha Sheshadri

Raphel Rajkumar
Arvind Thever
Sagar Singh

Nivedita Deshpande
IEEE Representative
Shridhar Ravimani
CSI Representative
Shivraj Patil
IETE Representative
Nambirajan Yadav
SAE Representative
Nikhita M.
IPI Representative
Suaib Bashir
EDC Representative
Siddesh Chavan
ISHRAE Representative

Creative Team Cultural Team Design Team Literary Team Marketing Team Media Team PR And Hospitality Team Publicity Team Logistics Team Social Media Team Sports Team Technical Team Alumni Relations Team Social Service Class Representatives