• Research Projects

    The department encourages students to undertake projects and write technical papers in different emerging areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
  • Laboratories

    The department has adequate number of well equipped and well maintained laboratories;Analog Communication lab, RF and Microwave Communication lab, Microprocessor and Microcontroller lab, DSP, Simulation lab and Project lab to name a few.
  • Performance

    The academic performance of the students has been consistently outstanding.
  • Industrial Trends

    Seminars and workshops are conducted at regular intervals to expose the students to latest trends in the industry.
Electronics &Telecommunication E.X.T.C. 120 Students

The department of EXTC was started in 2002. Right from the inception of the institute, it has progressed rapidly, to be regarded, as one of the premiere departments with excellent infrastructure and dedicated faculty. The department has highly qualified and competent faculty members who specialize in their areas of expertise, in order to give the students a holistic and pragmatic view of the present scenario of Electronics and Communication industry.


The main objective of this course is to produce talented engineers in the field of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. Emphasis is on teaching designing, testing and implementation of electronic circuits required for communication-related areas.

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Dr. Atul N Kemkar

HOD and Professor
B.E (Electronics) M.E (Electronics), Phd(Electronics)

Dr.Atul N Kemkar

B.E, M.E, Ph.d (Electronics)
Mr.Biju Balakrishnan

Assistant Professor
B.E (EXTC), M.Tech (Comm. Engg.)
Mr.Pushkar Sathe

Assistant Professor
Mr.Senthil Kumar D

Assistant Professor
Mr.Shishir D Jagtap

Assistant Professor
B.E, M.E (EXTC), Ph.D*
Mr.Sivakumar Elangovan

Assistant Professor
B.E (ECE), M.Des (Electronic System)
Mr.Vishal Gaikwad

Assistant Professor
Mr.Vivek Ramakrishnan

Assistant Professor
B.E,M.Tech(Electronics), M.S (Electrical) By Research
Ms.Hema D Raut

Assistant Professor
B.E, M.E (Electronics)
Ms.Kintu Patel

Assistant Professor
B.E.(ECE), M.Tech. (Digital Comm.)
Ms.Madhuri Kulkarni

Assistant Professor
B.E (EXTC), M.E (Electronics)
Ms.Nita Patil

Assistant Professor
B.E (IND. Electronics), M.E (Electronics)
Ms.Pranavi P Mhatre

Assistant Professor
Ms.Pratibha Joshi

Assistant Professor
B.E.(Electronics), M.E.(EXTC)
Ms.Preetee Khuperkar

Assistant Professor
B.E(Electronics), M.E (Electronics)
Ms.Preeti Hemnani

Associate Professor
B.E(Electronics), M.E(Digital Systems), Ph.d*
Ms.Priyanka Kadam

Assistant Professor
B.Tech, M.Tech (EXTC)
Ms.Shubhangi P Kharche

Associate Professor
B.E(EXTC), M.E(Electronics), Ph.D*
Ms.Shyamala Mathi

Assistant Professor
B.E.(ECE), M.E.(App.Electronics), Ph.D*
Ms.Sonal R Jatkar

Assistant Professor
B.E.(EXTC), M.E.(Digital Electronics)
Ms.Swati Rane

Assistant Professor
B.E, M.E(EXTC), Ph.D*
Ms.Vaishali Mangrulkar

Assistant Professor
Ms.Vandana Sawant

Assistant Professor
B.E, M.E(Electronics)