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The South Indian Education Society (SIES) established in 1932 at Matunga, is a pioneer in the field of education, in this metropolis. The Society has been serving the cause of education and has carved for itself a niche, as a provider of quality and value based education from Nursery to Doctoral level in a wide variety of fields. The institute seeks to achieve the educational mission by focussing on the modes of inquiry, which strengthens thinking skills and provides extensive field experiences, to bring together theory and practices.

"This society should sincerely serve the cause of education and the educational needs of the common man of this cosmopolitan city”
-SIES Mission set by our founder Shri M. V . Venkateshwaran in 1932

Mission 2025

Honour Code

The honour code of SIES rests on contemporary student’s perception of the value systems and the various practices. SIES firmly believes in secular education and supports cultural and ethnic diversity in the community. The society ensures that its graduates in humanities go out into government and industry with an understanding of the role of science and technology in the scheme of things and its graduates in sciences and technologies go out into the world with an understanding of the power structure of the society and the humanizing influence of the Arts. The honour code dwells on the Panchsheel of our philosophy.

  • Honesty and fairness in dealings, equity being central to any action
  • No discrimination based on caste, creed, community or wealth.
  • Pride in the nation -"India First”
  • A commitment to preserve, protect and perpetuate Indian culture, traditions and values. This includes
  • Respect for teachers and other elders
  • Understanding and empathy for the challenged students

The honour code is entirely administered by the student body. The faculty and the administration co-operate with the honour committee in ensuring compliance of the honour code. Every student of the society is made aware of the honour code and the responsibility of its maintenance imposed on them. Students found guilty of an honour offence, without exception, are dismissed permanently from the institution where they are enrolled. A student accused of honour violation has a fair opportunity to present his view point before any decision is taken. The honour code would certainly bring benefits both to the individual student and to the society.

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