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The First Year Engineering syllabus of Mumbai University comprises of various subjects like Engineering Mathematics, Applied Sciences, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Drawing, Basic Electrical and Electronics, Basic Programming, Basic Workshop practice which are a prerequisite to prepare the students for all branches of Engineering. The FE department of GST excels at teaching the Concepts behind Core Engineering, with emphasis on applied Mathematics & Sciences. The faculty members are highly experienced and dedicated and are actively involved in mentoring the young, impressionable minds towards excellence. The Academic programs, co-curricular activities and extra curricular activities of this department are organized so as to meet the requirements of the Fast Growing Technology. First Year Students are nurtured to build their Foundation by our faculty. The department of Humanities and Applied Sciences comprises of 13 Faculty members with six Ph.D and four pursuing their Ph.D.


The First Year department caters to the requirements of the first year engineering students, by providing proper guidance and motivation. The department aims at developing the student's academic potential and building confidence in them which leads to a successful career. The department also trains the student to improve the cognitive and mental ability in problem solving.

Induction program for First Year Engineering students

SIES GST has been conduction the induction program for the newbies since 2018 to help new students adjust and feel comfortable in the new environment. This also helps them build bonds with other students and faculty members, and expose them to a sense of larger purpose and self-exploration. The event is planned by the First year department along with the students of higher classes. It is a well planned event to educate the new entrants about the environment in the institution, and connect them with the people in it. Student induction program engages with the new students in the first week of their college and the regular classes start only after the completion of the program. They are made aware of the institutional policies, processes, practices, culture and values, and their mentor groups are formed with the senior students and faculty member. Various activities are planned and conducted during Induction Program are as below:

  • Universal Human Values.
  • Physical Activity like Yoga and sports activities.
  • Familiarization with College, Dept./Branch.
  • Visits in Local Area Extra-Curricular Activities in College.
  • Lectures & Workshops by Eminent People.
  • Creative Practices.
  • Literary Activity.
  • Language Proficiency Modules.
  • Feedback and Report on the Program.
  • Language and Mathematics proficiency tests.
  • Introduction to various professional chapters and clubs.
  • Interaction with Alumni.

Our Special Initiatives

  • Use of modern ICT tools for Education including Google Classroom, On line Quiz, Videos, Mobile as a Learning Device, On line lectures etc.
  • Aptitude / Soft skill training from First year onwards for Higher studies/Placements.
  • "Matrix” – Inter Collegiate Quiz competition exclusively for First year Students.
  • "Promethean-An Engineer’s Solution to Environmental Problems” An Intercollegiate Poster presentation Competition exclusively for First year Students.
  • Effective Implementation of Mentor-Mentee Scheme for Individual Guidance and Personality Development of students.
  • Tense Buster - Exclusive software for FE to improve Communication Skills.
  • Remedial Lectures anytime based on Student’s Need as well as Request.
  • Very Good Communication with Parents through mentors and Accommodating Parent’s Feedback for further improvement.
  • Arranging Field Visits e.g. Effluent Treatment Plant , Installation of Solar Panels and Compost Pits etc.
  • Scholarships for Meritorious and Needy students.
  • Encouraging and Motivating First Year Students to participate in Conferences, Technical Events, Project Competitions, Intercollegiate Debate & Quiz Competitions, Cultural Programs, University Sports etc.

First Year Engineering : Objectives

The first year department caters to the requirements of the first year engineering students, by providing proper guidance and motivation. The department aims at developing the student’s academic potential and to arouse confidence in them, leading to a successful career.

First Year Engineering : Technical Staff

Name Designation
Mr. Ananthakumar A Lab Assistant
Mr. Vinodkumar Gupta Lab Assistant
Mr. Indrabahadur Singh Lab Attendant
Mr. Dhiraj Zende Lab Attendant
Name Date of Joining Designation Qualification Nature of Appointment
Mr.Ashwinkumar R Chavan 30.06.2012 Assistant Professor & HOD Ph.D*, SET Cleared, M.Phil (Maths), M.Sc, B.Sc Regular
Ms.Seema Khan 02.07.2007 Assistant Professor M.Phil (Eng.Lit), SET Cleared, M.A, B.A Regular
Ms.Vijaya Patil 02.07.2007 Assistant Professor Ph.D*, M.Sc(Mathematics), B.Sc Regular
Ms.Pratibha Sharma 02.07.2007 Assistant Professor Ph.D*, M.Phil (Statistics), M.Sc, B.Sc Regular
Mr.Mahesh Biradar 01.08.2007 Assistant Professor M.Sc(Mathematics), B.Sc, B.Ed Regular
Dr.Smitha S Kumar 01.09.2012 Assistant Professor Ph.D. (Chemistry), M.Sc, B.Sc Regular
Dr.G.Kanthimathi 01.01.2015 Assistant Professor Ph.D (Physics), M.Phil, M.Sc, B.Sc Regular
Dr.Ramkishan B Bhise 15.07.2017 Assistant Professor Ph.D, M.Phil (Eng), M.A, B.A Regular
Mr.Somnath Pawar 15.09.2021 Assistant Professor Ph.D*, SET Cleared, M.Sc(Maths), B.Sc Adhoc/Contract
Dr. Arpita Pal 01.12.2021 Assistant Professor B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D. (Chemistry) Adhoc/Contract
Ms. Sunaina 08.02.2022 Assistant Professor B.Sc, M.Sc, M.Phil (Maths) Adhoc/Contract
Ms.Savita Gole Assistant Professor B.A, M.A, B.Ed (English) Adhoc/Contract
Ms.Pallavi Mane Assistant Professor B.A, M.A, B.Ed (English) Adhoc/Contract

First Year Engineering : Laboratories

Physics Lab1
Physics Lab2
Language Lab
Chemistry Lab

First Year Engineering : Syllabus

First Year Engineering : Annual Reports

First Year Engineering : First Day Brochures

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