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Literary Club

The literary club is a niche created by the students who share common interests in the literary world. The literary club has its own festival ‘Gravitas’ which envelopes the various areas of literature. The biannual newsletter ‘Gazette’ and the annual college magazine ‘Samanvay’ is compiled by the literary club. Literally, the literary!

Music Club

The music club strives to promote all student participation in the contribution and enjoyment of their musical abilities and talents and to provide an outlet for all students interested in the arena of music.

Aarambh – The Theatre Club

Aarambh, the theatre club of SIES GST, was created by the acting enthusiasts to showcase their talent in drama and also has a number of students having dramatics, music and direction as their area of expertise. This theatre club is a group of aspirants aiming to execute a well machined theatre act in inter as well as intra-collegiate competitions.

Aagmi – The Folk Dance

Aagmi, the folk dance crew , is a platform for energetic students to show off their dancing techniques on different folk styles of our country. This troop captures the essence of tribals and delivers a magnificent performance leaving the audience asking for more.


The Entrepreneurship Development cell was setup to give budding entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their business plans and help them start their own ventures. The events under EDC include preparing a business plan, stocks and trading, technical product presentation.

Moksh – Dance Group

Moksh is not freedom from action, it is freedom in action.’ Started in 2011 by an enthusiast named Tushar Gabhane and functioning since then, the Moksh crew has earned a good name at college level group dance competitions across Mumbai, through its power-packed performances. They have won at numerous places and brought home accolades by continuous practice, team spirit and hard work. Here, losses are taken in a good stride and obstacles are met with a smile. Passionate dancers find their salvation with Moksh.

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