About AICTE National Innovation and Startup Policy

AICTE_ National Innovation and Startup Policy (NISP) 2019 for Students & Faculty:

As per guideline setup by AICTE about startup policy implementation in the Higher Educational Institutes (HEIs). The SIESGST, Navi Mumbai working inline with AICTE_NISP/MHRD_IIC.The National Innovation and Start-up Policy 2019 proposes to guide HEIs to promote student driven innovations & start-ups and to engage the students and faculty in innovation and start up activities in campus.

Policy Objectives:

The policy aims at enabling HEIs to build, streamline and strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in campus and will be instrumental in leveraging the potential of science, student’s creative problem solving and entrepreneurial mind-set, and promoting a strong intra and inter-institutional partnerships with ecosystem enablers and different stakeholders at regional, national and international level.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem in HEIs will play key role in identifying, mentoring, nurturing innovative and entrepreneurial potential of students, faculty and staff and transforming them into start-up entrepreneurs by provided avenues of funding, investment opportunities and networking support to make the innovation and venture successful.

Contact Person:

Dr. Atul Kemkar
SIES Graduate School of Technology,
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Phone: 02261082401

Prof. Leena Ladage
Assistant Professor,
Information Technology Department,
SIES Graduate School of Technology
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Phone: 02261082422

Dr. Lokpriya Gaikwad
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering Department
SIES Graduate School of Technology
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Phone: 02261082491

Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and Intellectual Property (IP) Management:

Professor and Head,
Mechanical Engineering Department,
SIES Graduate School of Technology,
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Phone: 02261082412

Outside Innovation and Startup Policy Formulation Committee (mix of within, outside, alumni, startups, I&E ecosystem enablers):

Mr. Saurabh Prabhu 8976556967
Mr. Saurabh Sinha (Rein Lab) 9833616369

About Centre for Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship Development (CIIED)

The Incubation center supports Incubatee to become an entrepreneur and helps them to excel for future capitalist. We work as a facility provider for Incubatee to get best Infrastructure, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Product Development, Mentoring and Technical support etc.

Our Incubation Offerings

  • Expert Guidance by Industrialist, Faculty and Researcher
  • Legal Advisor / Mentor for IPR and Other issues
  • Internet Connection
  • Conference Room
  • Meeting Room
  • Access to Talent through Internship and Jobs
  • Power Supply
  • Furnished Office Spaces and office equipment’s
  • Parking Space

Selection Procedure for incubation

  1. Incubatee must have to submit business proposal in SIESGST Incubation Center format. This can be submitted in SIESGST Incubation Center Office or online using following Link.
  2. The business proposal will be reviewed by panel of expert.
  3. The Incubatee need to registered under companies Act 1956/2013, within a period of three months from the approval date of the application for admission in Incubation center.
  4. If team members consist of a faculty member or pursuing student from SIESGST, he or she needs to obtain permission from the SIES offices and SIESGST Principal to be part of the venture.
  5. The Terms, Conditions and other rules and regulations of SIESGST Incubation Centre shall be adhered to by the Incubatee or Company.
  6. Companies will be permitted to use incubation Centre facilities, by paying Annual charges and Registration Fees. Incubation Centre may permit companies to extend their stay for a maximum period of another 12 months with 10% additional Annual Fees.
  7. Incubatee Company need to signed necessary agreements on the approval of the admission in the SIESGST Incubation Centre.

CIIED : Vision & Mission


Provide a health ecosystem to impart knowledge and innovation for creation of young entrepreneurs.


  • To create an environment to Young Incubatee and support them to endorse innovative ideas for successful startups.
  • To build platform for entrepreneurial opportunities for students, faculty members and researchers.
  • To nurture and support entrepreneurial skill amongst the Incubatee for technological startup for wealth and employment in the society


Faculty Name Designation Experts
Dr. Atul Kemkar Professor President
Prof. Leena Ladage Assistant Professor Vice-President
Dr. Lokpriya Gaikwad Assistant Professor Convener
Prof. Ashiwinkumar Chavan Assistant Professor Social Media
Prof. Prachi Shahane Assistant Professor Innovation Activity
Dr. Shubhangi Kharche Associate Professor NIRF Coordinator
Dr. Rupendra Nehete Professor IPR Coordinator
Prof. Madhuri Kulkarni Assistant Professor ARIIA Coordinator
Dr. Kaustubh Chavan Assistant Professor Start-up Activity
Dr. Pradip Patil Associate Professor Internship Activity
All Department Heads as a Member

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