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Dimension of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has scaled to influence most of the domains of human life. AI can be complemented with natural intelligence to augment its benefits by feeding value data. This can be achieved by learning Data Science (DS) with AI. The Masters program AI & DS at SIESGST offers this hybrid intelligence with package of courses, Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Expert Systems, Internet of Things (IoT), to name a few. The program present AI algorithms combined with DS hierarchy which starts with collection of data, transformation of data, cleaning data and apply Machine Learning (ML) models to extract meaningful patterns from it. Industry 4.0 has asserted AI & DS as one of the most sought skills of Engineers inline to this the program introduces from why to how AI & DS.


The offered program aim to (domain, industry and research)

  • Leverage AI/DS, Research, Industry expertise and Statistics to make decisions.
  • Explore AI application domains such as Security, healthcare, Smart City etc.
  • Prepare students to pursue research to find solutions to real life problems.
  • To bridge industry academia gap by preparing students with working on interdisciplinary projects.


Future Prospects in AI & DS

On successful completion, AI & DS graduate students can choose specialization to pursue higher studies in domains like Expert Systems, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Robotics, Fuzzy Logic Systems, etc. Many universities at Global, National and Local level offer specialized courses in M.S., M.Tech, M.E., MBA, and PG Diploma for AI & DS undergraduates.

As per Gartner, "No businesses or industry will be able to keep up without data scienceā€, which unlock a large number of opportunities for AI & DS postgraduate students. A postgraduate degree opens avenues in Research, Industry, and Entrepreneurship. Students with research inclination can join the PhD programs offered at National and International Universities. AI & DS postgraduate students are highly ready to join AI based Industries as Research and Data Analyst.

Students with entrepreneurship liking can establish AI based companies providing solutions in the area of Healthcare, Smart city, Security, Agriculture to name a few.

Program Outcomes

At the successful completion of AI & DS Master program students will be able to

  • Collect, analyze, and study of data.
  • Improve data analytical models by unlocking hidden insights of data.
  • Enable solve problems using ML algorithms by using real world data.
  • Apply AI& DS to develop solutions in various domains

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