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The department of Electronics and Computer Science is starting from the academic year 2020-21. The course is introduced in line with the requirements of Industry 4.0.

Total Intake 60

Industry 4.0 technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Genome Editing, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Internet Of Things, and 3-D printing are brought in major technological disruption and rapidly changing the way humans create, exchange, and distribute resources. The implementation of smart technologies at workplaces and close interaction between man and machine has led to a complete change in the way we work and has impacted all disciplines, industries, and economies. It has also created a job market for people with the necessary skill sets.

The syllabus for the course Electronics and Computer Science has been framed to include courses that build a conceptual understanding of the basics of Electronics as well as Computer Science taking care of industry requirements as well as technological trends. Advanced courses have also been added to cover niche areas like Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, Data Sciences, Mobile communication, VLSI, IoT, etc. A practical-oriented approach is being followed to make students proficient in the competitive industry environment as well as prepare them for higher education.

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