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Information security is a set of practices, policies and principles to protect the print, electronic and other private, sensitive and personal data from being misused, disclosure, destruction, modification, and disruption. It covers the tools and processes that organizations use to protect information. This includes policy settings that prevent unauthorized people from accessing business or personal information. This course is designed to cover future trends in Information Technology and provides research opportunities as per current security requirements of IT industry. This post graduate program is intended to prepare students to work in industries, including Banks, Digital Forensics, Security solutions.

The course is designed to

  • Apply Core Information Technology knowledge to develop stable and secure IT system.
  • Design IT infrastructures for an enterprise using concepts of best practices in Information Technology management and security to enterprise processes.
  • Manage IT projects using written and oral communication skills in collaborative environments by participating on teams that address solutions for IT management challenges.
  • Identify and discuss professional, individual, organizational, societal, and regulatory implications of Information systems and technology.
  • Assess Security of the IT Systems and able to respond to any breach in IT system and to work in multidisciplinary projects and make it IT enabled.
  • Ability to propose the system to reduce carbon footprint and to adapt the lifelong learning process to be in sync with trends in Information Technology.

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