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Reconnect is SIESGST’s official alumni association. It was formed with the objective of providing a platform for the students to interact with your alumni and for the alumni to share their experiences with you. Our goal is to engage with you, the students, on a regular basis and help you with matters relating to academics, jobs/internships, upcoming technologies, career guidance and entrepreneurship, among others. We also realized that we had to initiate this engagement and this led us to actively participate in several activities and events that were held throughout the year.


Aakash Kochare
CE 2012-16
Chaitanya Bhave
CE 2013-17
Karan Kapoor
IT 2011-15
Pranit Kulkarni
ME 2013-17
Sanjeev Srinivasan
PPT 2013-17
Vishal Dubey
EXTC 2012-16
Vishal Vinod
ME 2012-16

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